samsung galaxy note 7

Samsung skips the Note 6, releases Galaxy Note 7

UPDATE: The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was launched on August 2.

Samsung have a wide range of series that are popular with the market. These include the S Series and the Note series. While the Samsung Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge were released earlier on in the year, Samsung plans to release the Note 7 later on in August of this year.

There have been many rumors about what to expect on the Galaxy Note 7 and the speculated specs and features have grown closer and closer to what we expect to see in the new phablet.

Inception of the S and Note Series

Samsung started on the Galaxy S series in 2010. Every year after that, the company has provided its users with another one of the flagships from the S series. This explains why the Galaxy S series in now at the S7 and S7 Edge. Unfortunately, the phablet series, that is, the Galaxy Note, started much later in 2011 and this has seen the numbering on the names of the Note series lagging behind the Galaxy S series.

Samsung plans to make up for this lag in August with the release of the Galaxy Note 7. While earlier speculations had cited that the phone will be a Note 6, Samsung has clarified that they will skip the Note 6 name and go straight to the Note 7.

Problems in branding difference for the S and Note series

While there isn’t much in a name, the numbers have often been an indicator for buyers and the phones that they would like to get. Many would wonder why Samsung has not gone with the Note 6 and eventually many will wonder what happened to the Note 6 later on in the future. But that is what marketing and mystery is made of. So it might just be a great way to get people more interested in the Note 7.

Skipping the Note 6 name will hype the Note 7 in that people will expect even more from it. However, Samsung just wanted the Galaxy Series S and 7 to be on the same page in terms of naming and numbering. For users, the disparity may not have meant a lot but to Samsung, it makes the S series flagship released in the year more superior to and newer than the Galaxy Note of the same year. In fact, a rumor had started that the Note series was outdated.


This dual edge phablet is sure to rock the tech world. Unlike the Note 5 which only had one curved edge, the Note 7 is going to have dual curved edges. It comes with a stylus pen and bears a striking resemblance to the Galaxy S7 Edge, pitting it a step above other phablets in the market.

The experience using the Note 7 is going to be great going by the rave reviews that users have already given the S7 and the S7 Edge, the Note 7’s predecessors in launching, although they are from the Galaxy S7 series. The Note 7 is something to look out for this August.

Gear VR

Gift ideas for Tech lovers under $100

Gifts do not need any special occasion especially when you are giving it to someone special. People many times struggle to get the gift ideas but it is not so tough if you know the interest of the person.

If you are planning for a gift to a Tech Savvy Person then the search becomes limited and defined. However, that does not mean you have to gift something very costly. There are ranges of gift ideas for gadgets that hover around $100 and all of these ideas are special.

Here are the gadgets gifts ideas that are available under $100.

Samsung Gear VR

Virtual Reality has become the backbone of the today’s modern technology and the Samsung Gear VR is one of the best among all the released devices. There are many devices to come but this VR device from Samsung is an excellent gift idea with affordable price range and equally fascinating user experience.

Gear VR

This headset should be fitted with the compatible smartphone and then your friend can jump into the world of Virtual Reality with various games and apps. The price of the Samsung Gear VR is around $99.99.

SterlPen Adventure Opti

SterlPen Adventure Opti

If your friend love adventure and roam around then this portable water purifier is the perfect gadget. The $63 portable purifier can be easily fit into the opening of the bottles and at the same time the UV rays can kill the dangerous pathogens and microorganisms instantly.

Google Chromecast

Google Chromecast

If your friend is fond of watching movies in the home theater, then there is nothing better than the Google Chromecast which can stream the movie from the computer to the TV. This is an excellent device and gadget that can be extremely helpful to ensure great experience of watching on the Home Theater. This gadget is priced at $35.

Power Up

If your friend is fanatic about the drones then you can consider the option of the Power Up device. It has the capability to turn any simple paper made plane to a remote controlled flying drone.


This is a light weight battery powered device that can easily be fit into the plane to ensure that the plane is actually flying. It can even be protected from mild crashes and shocks. It is available for the price of $50.

Amazon Fire TV

This is an excellent alternative for the streaming device that can give you loads of other features. This is a device that can be used for HD streaming with 4K resolution.

amazon fire tv

However, apart from it, you can play games, browse internet and even install voice recognition software to work hands free. This device is priced at $99.99. However, you may need to have the Amazon Membership to get the full features of the Amazon Fire TV.

Giffin WoodTones

griffin woodtones

This is an excellent headphone that can be used for quality sound, noise reduction and equally attractive looks. It is only priced at $35 and gives quality features at this price. These are the best gadgets gifts ideas that you can ponder upon before purchasing it for your friend.

taskone g3

10 weirdest smartphone cases

Smartphones have become one of the most important things in the modern world. However, apart from being costly and important, the smartphones are delicate as well and one must ensure that it is protected.

Smartphone cases are very popular and common among people to ensure protection and at the same time have some amazing appearance. However, as it is said that different people have different taste and flavor and that stands true for the choice of smartphone covers as well. Here are the top 10 weirdest smartphone cases.

1. Dokkiri

Dokkiri Hand Case

This smartphone case is not only weird but also equally eye catching. This case is built like a hand and when you want to hold the phone, you need to put hand in hand. This is not only a creepy smartphone case but also affordable and people can actually buy it for mere $49. However, this remains in very high demand and often goes out of stock.

2. Spraytect

spraytect pepper spray phone case

This is another weird case that has the pepper spray in the case. So, it does not only protect your phone from shock or sudden fall but also protects you from various emergency and crime situations. The owner says that this has been created keeping his daughter’s safety in mind. This is compatible with the iPhone 4/4s and is available for $39.40.

3. Ice Phone

icephone a popsicle iphone case

This looks very original and weird too. The interesting smartphone case looks like Popsicle attached to your phone. There are two different versions available for the case, Crunch and Soda and both are equally popular. So, the delicious Popsicle goes to your ear instead of your mouth. It is very affordable as well and comes just under $5.

4. Yellow Jacket

iphone stun gun case yellowjacket

This gives you the stun gun as the case and it looks really weird and stunning at the same time. This is very strong and protective as well. However, the case is available for the price of $100.

5. Alice+Olivia

Alice Olivia Stacey Soft Case Cover Skin

It gives you the fashion centric smartphone cases that come with excellent 3D legs. Well, it is of course adorned with beautiful skirt and that looks extremely odd but at the same time eye catching as well. It comes around for $100.

6. TaskOne G3

taskone g3

Well, they give you the multi-tool smartphone case and it looks odd to have it all on the back of your smartphone. However, it is weird, but it is very strong case and equally effective as well. This comes for around $49.95.

7. Rubber Bunny

rubber bunny case

This is very popular but weird to have a bunny in a smartphone case. It is quite cheap and comes for around $3 and is available in multiple colors.

8. Skate Deck

Recycled SkateBack Case for Apple iPhone

This is a weird smartphone case by the Candies that gives you case as a tiny skateboard and it looks like a toy rather than a phone. It is available for $39.89.

9. Stuart Hughes

Stuart Hughes iPhone 5

This is simply weird to have a smartphone case worth $17 million. It is made up with gold and diamond and it is one of the weirdest smartphone cases.

10. Isopod case

isopod case

This looks like a Lobster Tail and your smartphone looks absolutely weird with the cases on. The price range of the smartphone case starts from $39. These are the smartphone cases that are interestingly weird and strange. These cases however grab attraction as well.


samsung galaxy s7 launch

Best Android phones of 2016

2016 is looking up! Tech companies are working hard to release some flagships and so far there is a lot to be thankful for. The Android market is going to experience a surge in new devices, as it has happened over the past two years. But we are not complaining; the more the merrier as we get more to choose from. Some of the best android phones of the 2016 are:

1. Samsung Galaxy S7

The Galaxy series continues and with it comes the Samsung Galaxy S7 and the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge. These handsets have beautiful displays. The display is crystal clear with a higher density when it comes to pixels. There are more pixels per inch which provides for clearer images. What this means is that the gaming and movie watching experiences are getting better and better for the S7 users. This is even greater because the phone is compatible with the VR headset.

samsung galaxy s7 launch

The processor, Snapdragon 820, is also great for powering and the phone runs on Marshmallow. The phone is therefore not bogged down by bloat ware. It also has a great camera at 12 MP, micro SD card support of up to 200 GB which is massive and a water proof feature.

The storage allows for many files on the phone without slowing down its function while the waterproof nature of the phone means that this expensive handset will not have you panicking about what would happen if it fell in water up to one meter. Drowning is not an option.

2. LG G5

Hot on the heels of the S7 is the G5. The G5 has a 16 MP primary camera and an 8 MP front facing one. This resolution is great for taking photos. It also has the Type- C port which everyone is raving about.

lg g5

This port allows for faster charging and faster transfer of files from the phone to the PC. In addition to this, the phone also has quick charging which is a feature that is fast gaining popularity because of the fact that people now want their phones charged faster for longer. The 5.3 inch display is a work of art as well. The fingerprint sensor is top notch. Basically, this phone is one of the dream phones to own in 2016.

3. Nexus 7

There are rumors about Google adding to their series of tablets with the Nexus 7 in 2016. It is supposed to be cheap and packed with many applications. It may be considered a worthy purchase if the manufacturer manages to bring it to per with other tablets in the market.

4. Project Ara

This mysterious Project Ara phone by Google is expected within the year. It will have a screen attached to the frame. Some of the other expectations of the device are that it will have hardware modules for camera, RAM and storage as well as batteries. Since Google has taken it over after it took over Motorola’s ATAP group, we have to wait and see what excitement lies ahead.

5. HTC One M10

HTC has not been sidelined in all the excitement, as we’re looking forward for their upcoming flagship, which seems to be very promising.

htc one m10

It will spot a fingerprint sensor at the back and an improved camera. It is expected to have a processor better than the Snapdragon 810 so here is to hoping that we won’t be disappointed by the Snapdragon SoC which is rumored to be in the One M10.


Cebit Hannover 2016

Cebit is considered as one of the biggest and most popular Computer Expo of the world. The Cebit Festival for the Computers is held every year in the Hanover Fairground in Germany. The festival is considered one of the biggest for the Information technology where ranges of clients, vendors and companies showcase their products in front of the world. The widely covered festival has gained the popularity for showcasing the biggest computer expo.

Origin and Expansion of the Cebit

The Cebit fair in Hanover started back in 1970. The fair has expanded and increased since then and has taken form of mighty expo for the Information Technology and for computers. The numbers of people attending the Cebit Hanover fair has kept on increasing and has reached mammoth figures. The Cebit later has expanded to various other countries as well ranging from Shanghai, Sydney, Istanbul, New York City and Bangalore.

Cebit Hannover, 2016

The Cebit Hannover computer Expo is going to be grand in 2016 as well. The visitors and the Exhibitors are already pouring in the event and it is expected that people from round the world would step into the Hanover in order to get the latest update from Cebit.


The biggest event for the Business Service Industry is set for the five day fair in Hanover. It has been traditionally hosting the event ever since it has incepted. The scheduled dates of the much anticipated event are set from March 14 to March 18th in 2016. The Hannover Congress Centrum is set to host the fair and the Computer Expo that would be visited by millions of people and exhibitors.

The Cebit Hannover fair has traditionally showcased the products from the Information Technology and Business Service Industry. However, in a broader terms products from the Security Services, Public Infrastructure, Communication and Network Services, Hardware, Multimedia, Healthcare, Cyber defense, Cloud computing and many others.


What to Expect from Cebit Hannover, 2016


The Cebit Hannover is a focused and anticipated expo for the IT world. There are wide ranges of companies that unveil their new products during the 5 day long event in front of the most IT interested crowd of the world. The significance of the Cebit Hannover is same as the Mobile World Congress for the Gadgets. There are ranges of companies preparing to launch their devices in the Hannover this time. Archos. Aesonic, Antec, Acer, ATC, Aagon and many others have already enlisted to showcase their products in this event. As of now there are more than 250 companies planning to showcase their products in this global event and the numbers are sure to surge. Among the visitors, all big names are expected this time around as well. The Cebit Hannover created record breaking crowd of more than 3 million in 2010 and similar kind of crowd can be expected this time around with many exhibitors showcasing their product.

The Cebit Hannover, 2016 is going to be one of the biggest event for Electronics market and the significance of the event is immense in the Electronics Industry.


LAUNCH Festival is One of The World’s Largest Startup Events

Launch Event is one of the biggest conference and event for the start up world. The world is getting numerous start up ideas around the world every year. However, many of the ideas get dried up due to lack of investments and funds. However, in order to avoid that, the Launching Event takes place every year at the San Francisco, USA.

Agenda of Launching Event


The prime agenda of Launching Event is to attract the start up companies to showcase their talent and idea. The outcome of the event is even more gorgeous than the concept. The winner of the event attracts $100,000 investment and that is one of the best thing that could happen to the start up company. Every year, many companies come across and participate in the event under various categories to prove the potential of the ideas. This event is considered as one of the major boost to the tech start up companies. Overall, the Launch Event unveils 50 Start Up companies. However, the best part is that after winning the event, the start up can attract many more investors. However, the unveiled tech start ups can expect the same.


There are three different categories of the event where the companies can participate.


This is a competition that allows 200 companies to build a product or idea. However, out of the 200 companies that send 4 members each for the competition, only 5 are sent for the final round. The winner of the competition gets prize money worth $100,000.

Company 1.0

This is a category to unveil the start ups that have not been revealed so far. The criteria of the companies to be selected under the category is that they must not have any previous press release, public demo and similar. Also, the idea and the product of the companies must be in the beta or alpha testing phase.

Category 2.0

This is the category which attracts the companies that have already released the communication and demo has already been given. The criteria for the companies are different from the others. This is purely for an existing company which is coming up with strong new products. It may be even significant update or the new version of the existing products. This gives the opportunity for the start up companies to come in the global attention and ensure adequate investment.

Influence and success


The influence and the success of the Launching Event can be understood from the fact that companies like Dropbox, Fitbit, Mint, Connect, Stack Overflow and others have come from the same event and interestingly these have attracted millions of dollars as per the investment. The speakers from the start up world influence the companies to attend highs and get a projection meant for the global business.

The importance of the Launching Event in the start up world is immense. Every year the focus of the Tech World moves to the San Francisco to know and understand about the innovative and excellent ideas and companies.


Arcade – The First Hotel For Gamers

Amsterdam is known for the beautiful sceneries, enriched history and enticing beauty of Netherlands. However, another feather has recently been added in the hat of Amsterdam as Arcade opens. Arcade is a Hotel, but it is not like any other hotel that you come across in the capital city of Netherlands. This is hotel specifically for the gamers. So, if you are a game lover then it is the Mecca for you.

Why it is a Gamer Hotel?


This is a unique hotel built with unique concept and architecture. If you can find anything in this hotel, then it will be associated with the gaming. The beautiful hotel has full of gaming consoles everywhere, even in the balconies. So, if you are already amazed then be sure to check the wonderful comic and gamic library in the hotel. Well, they haven’t ended up. The beautiful hotel is full of gaming gears in all of the 36 rooms and the gadgets and gears are modern and updated. One has to believe that this Hotel is truly for the gamers. However, authorities of the hotel went on to say that there are more features in additional to all of these. The guest spaces are full with the retro gaming console to enjoy and all the spaces are filled with games. In coming years, the hotel plans to add 9 more rooms to the current 36 to accommodate the visitors. As per the plan, there should be a new game room for the visitors as well with all modern facilities and defining gaming experience can be enjoyed at these rooms. The Hotel authorities mentioned that the new room will be added in addition to all of the gaming facilities in order to give the gamers a never have experience.

The owner of the hotel, Daniel Salmanovich, said that this is a perfect place for all those who are fond of gaming. However, apart from gaming the hotel has every other thing to offer as well. Daniel further added that he wanted to create a special place for all those gamers who travel to Amsterdam. This place would be a friend’s place for the gamers rather than a hotel expressed Daniel.


Bu it is not only the games that make this place special and extra ordinary. The delicious food and the wine of the Arcade Hotel is also unmatched. You can get loads of varieties and a foodie can have memorable time at the hotel.

As far as the location of the hotel is concerned, then it looks even more promising to visit. The hotel is located at a crucial place in Amsterdam and all the key places can be travelled around from the hotel.

So, you can bike around the popular destinations in Amsterdam, enjoy your delicious food and wine and then start the gaming that can never leave. The Arcade, the first hotel for the gamers has been built to give the gamers a go to environment where they can travel around and still feel at home.


LG G5 Launch Date, Rumours and Leaks

LG is planning to launch the anticipated and hyped smartphone in the market, LG G5 this month. The specs and the features of the phone have already created buzz in the market. However, before the release of the phone people must know about things that they can expect from the new dashing smartphone from the LG. Here are all the rumored and leaked specs of LG G5.


Launch Date

LG has reportedly sent invitation for phone launch on February 21 at Barcelona, Spain in the Mobile World Congress. It is expected that LG will launch the much talked about phone on the same day.


The design of the phone can see few changes from the maker. LG is reportedly launching the phone with all metal body after trying with plastic and leather for the previous smartphones. It should be sleek and quite handy smartphone.


The LG G5 should be launched with a stunning 5.6 inches screen and should be coupled with astonishing QHD Display. However, the volume buttons are set to come back at the side of the phone instead of the back.

Hardware and Software


This is the best part of the smartphone as LG is trying to implement the best possible configuration possible for the LG G5. It should be based on the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor and that can be very fast when couple with the reported 4 GB of RAM for LG G5. The maker is set to release three variants of 16GB/32GB/64 GB for the speculated phone. However, the best part is, it should also have the extendable memory facility along with the native memory that can facilitate the extra amount of memory required. The phone should be based upon the new Android Marshmallow 6.0 when released in the market. With the hardware and software expected for LG G5, it can be expected that LG is going to release one of the best phones in the market with G5.


In the modern day, camera has become very important for the smartphones. However, LG has the tradition of providing quality cameras and the LG G5 should not be anything different. The smartphone is expected to be released with a classy 20 MP rear camera with loads of features like HDR, Panorama, Auto Focus, Geo Tagging and others. However, the phone should also be coupled with stunning 8 MP Front Camera for the selfie.


LG has not provided very high class battery backup on previous accounts and LG G5 should be able to break that. It is expected to come up with 3050 mAh battery with USB C Type port for reverse charging.


There are no less features for the LG G5 when it comes to the latest market update. The new smartphone should sport a Fingerprint Scanner along with normal face detection features. It should also come with the Android Pay for the Mobile Transaction.

And after waiting this long and once you finally manage to get your hands on, the phone seems to be carrier locked by your network provider. There are various methods to unlock it but the safest way is by code. You can use an online service like or even search for unlocking apps in the Play Store.

Overall, it should be one of the best phones to be released in the market with great specs and features.


15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones in the market. The flagship phone from Samsung has users all over the world. Due to the large number of users the phone also receives wide number of questions. These are the versatile questions regarding the phone that help the users for better experience. You may have the same questions on mind but never asked and still confused with the answers. So, here are the 15 most frequently asked questions on Samsung Galaxy S4.


  1. Is Android Lollipop 5.0.1 upgrade available for Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, after Android 5.0, the Android Lollipop 5.0.1 is available for most of the carriers.

  1. Will Android Marshmallow 6.0 upgrade be available for Samsung Galaxy S4?

It is not yet clear whether the upgrade will be available but mostly Samsung will not go for the Android Marshmallow 6.0 for Galaxy S4.

  1. Is Samsung Pay available with Samsung Galaxy S4?

As of now, Samsung has not released the hardware update for Samsung Pay in Galaxy S4. However, Visa Mobile Payment is available with the Galaxy S4.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible with Samsung VR Gear?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not compatible with Samsung VR Gear.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with Samsung Gear S2 and other Fitness devices?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with the Samsung Gear S2 and most of Android Wearables.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with Google Cardboard?

Yes, Google Cardboard is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Is there extendable memory in Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, the Galaxy S4 has the microSD extendable memory support. The memory can be extended up to 64 GB.

  1. Does Samsung Galaxy S4 support 4G?

Yes Samsung Galaxy S4 supports 4G Data Connection.

  1. Is Call Recording Feature available in Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

No, Samsung Galaxy S4 does not support the call recording feature. However, one can use the feature with some free app from Google Playstore.

  1. How is the battery performance of Samsung Galaxy S4?

The battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is moderate. This is phone where the battery is 2600 mAh and that gives poor performance.

  1. Can Samsung Galaxy S4 take HD resolution video?

Samsung Galaxy S4 has HD Video resolution and has the HD Video Recording as well. It has stunning quality.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 waterproofed?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not waterproof but the plastic covers can seal the phone from water for sometime. However, the Galaxy S4 Active is waterproof.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 scratchproof?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S4 is scratchproof  and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

  1. Is S Health available for Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, the S Health is available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can track your activity, accelerometer, gyrometer meter and others.


  1. Can Samsung Galaxy S4 be used TV Remote?

Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used as ultimate TV remote. It can be used to control the TV and Set Top Boxes.


These are the frequently asked questions on Samsung Galaxy S4 that are quarried throughout the world and it can enhance the user experience.


Top 5 USA Must-Attend Technology Events in February 2016


There are always tech events that are a must-attend every year. This is usually the perfect opportunity to train and interact with other like-minded individuals and even possibly challenge each other to soar to greater heights. Well, here is a list of the top five that you must attend this February; that is if you want to keep up with what is new in the tech scene:


  • Developer week 2016


This is the largest tech event in San Francisco. It is going to run from the 12th  to the 18th of February. The program for the day, the speakers involved and the finer details are available on the event website. However, the program in general is expected to have the hackathon on 13th and 14th, the workshops on 15 and the conference and expo on 16th and 17th with the event closing on the 18th.


  • Training 2016 Conference and Expo


This tech event is expected to have about 2000 attendees and will be held between the 12th and 18th of February. The location will be at Disney’s Colorado Springs Resort. The event has been running for 39 years and is held by Training Magazine and Lakewood Media Group. The event has always been a platform for the attendees to learn new skills and interact with technological innovations.


  • RSA Conference 2016


The RSA Conference will be held from the 27th of February to the 4th of March in the Moscone Center. The conference has used feedback from past participants to improve the program. The improvements include longer session times and more learning labs have been added.


  • IBM Inter Connect


This event will be held in Las Vegas from 21st to 25th February 2016. It will be at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay and is expected to bring in more than 24,000 participants. The event specifically deals with cloud and mobile.


  • ConveyUX


Seattle is the place to be from the 9th to the 11th of February for the ConveyUX annual gathering. This year the main speaker is Jacob Nielsen and the event will be held in the Motif, Seattle.

As is with other events, it would be better to book in advance in order to enjoy discounted rates for the events. In addition to gaining knowledge and meeting like-minded people, it would be great to get a good bargain.