15 Most Frequently Asked Questions about Samsung Galaxy S4

Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the most popular smartphones in the market. The flagship phone from Samsung has users all over the world. Due to the large number of users the phone also receives wide number of questions. These are the versatile questions regarding the phone that help the users for better experience. You may have the same questions on mind but never asked and still confused with the answers. So, here are the 15 most frequently asked questions on Samsung Galaxy S4.


  1. Is Android Lollipop 5.0.1 upgrade available for Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, after Android 5.0, the Android Lollipop 5.0.1 is available for most of the carriers.

  1. Will Android Marshmallow 6.0 upgrade be available for Samsung Galaxy S4?

It is not yet clear whether the upgrade will be available but mostly Samsung will not go for the Android Marshmallow 6.0 for Galaxy S4.

  1. Is Samsung Pay available with Samsung Galaxy S4?

As of now, Samsung has not released the hardware update for Samsung Pay in Galaxy S4. However, Visa Mobile Payment is available with the Galaxy S4.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 compatible with Samsung VR Gear?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not compatible with Samsung VR Gear.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with Samsung Gear S2 and other Fitness devices?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with the Samsung Gear S2 and most of Android Wearables.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 is compatible with Google Cardboard?

Yes, Google Cardboard is compatible with Samsung Galaxy S4.

  1. Is there extendable memory in Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, the Galaxy S4 has the microSD extendable memory support. The memory can be extended up to 64 GB.

  1. Does Samsung Galaxy S4 support 4G?

Yes Samsung Galaxy S4 supports 4G Data Connection.

  1. Is Call Recording Feature available in Samsung Galaxy S4 ?

No, Samsung Galaxy S4 does not support the call recording feature. However, one can use the feature with some free app from Google Playstore.

  1. How is the battery performance of Samsung Galaxy S4?

The battery performance of the Samsung Galaxy S4 is moderate. This is phone where the battery is 2600 mAh and that gives poor performance.

  1. Can Samsung Galaxy S4 take HD resolution video?

Samsung Galaxy S4 has HD Video resolution and has the HD Video Recording as well. It has stunning quality.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 waterproofed?

Samsung Galaxy S4 is not waterproof but the plastic covers can seal the phone from water for sometime. However, the Galaxy S4 Active is waterproof.

  1. Is Samsung Galaxy S4 scratchproof?

Yes, Samsung Galaxy S4 is scratchproof  and is protected by Gorilla Glass 3.

  1. Is S Health available for Samsung Galaxy S4?

Yes, the S Health is available for the Samsung Galaxy S4. You can track your activity, accelerometer, gyrometer meter and others.


  1. Can Samsung Galaxy S4 be used TV Remote?

Samsung Galaxy S4 can be used as ultimate TV remote. It can be used to control the TV and Set Top Boxes.


These are the frequently asked questions on Samsung Galaxy S4 that are quarried throughout the world and it can enhance the user experience.


Top 5 USA Must-Attend Technology Events in February 2016


There are always tech events that are a must-attend every year. This is usually the perfect opportunity to train and interact with other like-minded individuals and even possibly challenge each other to soar to greater heights. Well, here is a list of the top five that you must attend this February; that is if you want to keep up with what is new in the tech scene:


  • Developer week 2016


This is the largest tech event in San Francisco. It is going to run from the 12th  to the 18th of February. The program for the day, the speakers involved and the finer details are available on the event website. However, the program in general is expected to have the hackathon on 13th and 14th, the workshops on 15 and the conference and expo on 16th and 17th with the event closing on the 18th.


  • Training 2016 Conference and Expo


This tech event is expected to have about 2000 attendees and will be held between the 12th and 18th of February. The location will be at Disney’s Colorado Springs Resort. The event has been running for 39 years and is held by Training Magazine and Lakewood Media Group. The event has always been a platform for the attendees to learn new skills and interact with technological innovations.


  • RSA Conference 2016


The RSA Conference will be held from the 27th of February to the 4th of March in the Moscone Center. The conference has used feedback from past participants to improve the program. The improvements include longer session times and more learning labs have been added.


  • IBM Inter Connect


This event will be held in Las Vegas from 21st to 25th February 2016. It will be at the MGM Grand and Mandalay Bay and is expected to bring in more than 24,000 participants. The event specifically deals with cloud and mobile.


  • ConveyUX


Seattle is the place to be from the 9th to the 11th of February for the ConveyUX annual gathering. This year the main speaker is Jacob Nielsen and the event will be held in the Motif, Seattle.

As is with other events, it would be better to book in advance in order to enjoy discounted rates for the events. In addition to gaining knowledge and meeting like-minded people, it would be great to get a good bargain.



The New LG’s SmartThinQ Hub

The world is turning to more and more smart devices every waking second. Samsung and LG have been at a war of sorts, trying to outdo each other in the function and design of their new flagship devices. Smart speakers are next in line for the smart upgrade. Amazon released the Echo which has enjoyed a good reception and LG is hot on the heels with the SmartThinQ Hub, a step ahead of Samsung, which has not yet announced any similar device.

What is it?


The LG SmartThinq Hub is very similar to Amazon’s Echo. It is a smart speaker that can stream music and connect to other smart devices in the house. LG unveils the SmartThinq Hub in 2016 at the CES. This smart device has some features that are great and functionality that brings a fresh approach to smart devices.

What does it do?

LG SmartThinq Hub has a color LCD display. It is 3.5 inches in size and helps to manage notifications on the device. The notifications are announced out loud through the speaker although the SmartThinq Hub does not listen as the Echo does. The information displayed on the screen is from a number of sources, including appliances in the house such as washing machines, refrigerators and air conditioners among others. The primary connections are those with devices that have the ‘SmartThinq’ label but it is expected that the SmartThinq Hub will be able to bring in devices that do not have the label as well.

The color display is connected to a smart phone app so that you can control the other appliances using the SmartThinq hub. The notifications and commands are managed using the SmartThinq app which makes it easier to use. It facilitates for two way communication between the device and other smart appliances in the home. The one thing that the SmartThinq Hub does not have that is available in the Echo is that it cannot be controlled via voice.


The LG SmartThinq Hub comes in a metallic body that is catchy. There are two colors available for buyers to choose from, that is, Black and Champagne Gold. The device is also easy to read because it has a tilted display. The in-built speaker is high quality and useful for streaming music over Bluetooth from smart devices or even from iHeartRadio stations. The LG SmartThinq Hub is like a Bluetooth speaker with extra functions. The holistic approach of LG towards the added functions in the speaker makes it a reasonable choice. It consolidates home functions in a way that allows the user’s appliances to have some harmony in their operation.

Price and Availability

Details of the price and availability of the device in stores will be disclosed once the SmartThinq Hub is unveiled. The price is expected to be in the range of the Amazon Echo to create competition. The Echo goes for about $180. The SmartThinq Hub will be a bit pricy, over $140 and is expected to be available in stores that stock LG products and other online platforms.



The New Samsung Galaxy S7

The Samsung Galaxy S7 Is the new phone under the Samsung flagship. Coming soon after the release of the Samsung Galaxy S6 and S6 edge, Samsung will have a hard time improving on the former to ensure that the Samsung Galaxy S7 is worth the upgrade and the purchase.



The design of the Galaxy S7 is expected to look more like that of the Galaxy S6. It is speculated that there isn’t much that Samsung can do to make a big change on the Galaxy S7 in terms of design that will blow the S6 out of the water. Samsung are rumored to be enhancing it with a new touch screen technology that is 3D-like.

New Features

The Samsung Galaxy S7 may be water resistant. It is also expected to have micro SD support. All these features will be confirmed upon the announcement by Samsung. There could also be a new camera sensor being used on the new phone. The resolution is expected to drop to 12 megapixels from the S6’s 16 megapixels.  The increased battery size will ensure that the phone has a longer life than its S6 counterpart. It is not news then that the phone is likely to be expensive, retailing at about $860.

Release date

There are speculations about the release date with China Mobile pegging it for the Mobile World Congress (MWC), having included the Galaxy S7 as one of the phones to be announced during the congress. Samsung have set a trend of announcing new devices during the MWC, which is makes it likely that the phone may be announced in February of 2016. Other sources have the release pegged as early as January 2016 judging by the increase in leaks about the phone’s features.

Unlocking Samsung Galaxy S7

Some Android devices are usually locked to a certain network and this is no different from Samsung phones. Some universal unlocking measures for Samsung phones, working in even the recent versions such as the Galaxy S6 should also work on the Galaxy S7 once released. For those devices locked to T-Mobile and AT&T, you can use a free app available online. The only thing is that it is not intended for CDMA models, only GSM ones. UnlockScope has released an app that sim-unlocks Galaxy S phones without need for a code. Seeing that the app has worked for other Galaxy S phones, it should work for the Galaxy S7 as well as soon as it is released.



Ten Tips On How To Successfully Plan A Technology Event

The difference between planning a successful and a bad technology event is in the tips you use for the process. Some of the tips to note include:


  • Having a theme


Pick a theme for the event you would like to have and center the details on it.


  • Setting your goals


Have objectives that you would like to meet at the end of the event. This gives the event purpose. Ask yourself, “What would I want the audience and participants to gain?”


  • Have a structure and program for the event


The next step is to have an idea of what you would like the tech event to look like. This includes forums, panels, discussions or workshops. It goes hand in hand with drafting a program for the event and the sequence of activities.


  • Select the venue and the date


Pick out a time, venue and date for the venue about three months in advance. Look into getting the space at the venue during the said dates.


  • Choose your audience


For any tech event to be successful, you have to have a target group in mind. This means that the details of the event will be organized with a view of the type of audience that one would like. This encourages specificity in the details of the event as opposed to having a generalized, vague event.


  • Plan the event


Start organizing the finer details about the event about three or two months in advance. It is important to have a rough idea of what a dry-run of the event should look like two months before the event. It creates ample time to make changes or improve on things.


  • Choose your staff


It is important to pick the team that you will be working with during the event about a month in advance. This helps to synchronize duties as well as ensuring that the event is not understaffed.


  • Send invitations


For any technology event to be successful, you have to send a number of personal invites. This is mostly for people who are influential in the tech world. This recognizes the icons in the industry and also gives other people the opportunity to possibly learn a thing or two through interaction with the influential people. For big wigs, you should send invites a month in advance so they can include it in their calendars as opposed to last minute invites about two weeks to the event.


  • Engage media contacts and promote the event


You need to promote the event a few weeks before the set date. This can be about two to four weeks. This is important because it creates a buzz around the event and brings in more numbers in a case where the audience is not pre-determined or specially chosen. Part of promoting events is effective when media is engaged for advertisement and mentions during different shows. It would be more effective if the media mentions are done during tech-related shows.


  • Finishing the event


Every good event needs a good vote of thanks. Make sure to thank the participants, the audience and everyone who was involved in the event. Never forget to thank the sponsors if any were involved.



The Top 10 Best Bluetooth Speakers To Get

Bluetooth speakers are a convenient and portable way to enjoy music. The question however, is usually which Bluetooth speaker to go for because there are so many in the market.

The top ten speakers include:


The UE Boom



UE Boom retails for $100 and is worth every penny. It is compatible to the Android and iOS companion app so you can join it up with another UE Boom as well as customizing your own equalizer. It weighs 1.1 pounds, has a battery life of 15 hours while the wireless range is about 50 feet. Charging is via USB and it is available on Amazon.


UE Mini Boom

ue mini


The UE Mini Boom is a variant of the UE Boom, with a 10 hour battery life, 50-feet wireless range and weighing 6 pounds. It has a deep sound, a great design and is available at Amazon for about $70 and is especially small which makes it easy to carry.


The Sony SRS-X5



Sony SRS-X5 retails at $145 and is available on Amazon. One of the notable features is that it has a powerful bass. It has NFC, aptX as well as different sound modes to choose from. The battery life is 8 hours. The only downside to the SRS-X5 is that it is bigger than its counterparts, although it is still small.


The Fugoo



Fugoo has a 40 hour battery life at medium volume which is impressive. It weighs 1 pound and does not have NFC. Charging is via USB and the frequency response rests at 60Hz to 20 kHz. It comes in different jacket variants for the buyer to choose. It is available at Amazon for $135, a price that is well worth the quality received.


The JBL Charge 2 Plus



Weighing in at 1.3 pounds and with a wireless range of more than thirty feet, the JBL Charge 2 Plus has two 1.7” drivers and two passive radiators. It is charged via USB and retails at about $150 on Amazon. It is quite pricy but is worth the excellent sound that one receives. In addition, it is water resistant.


Creative Muvo Mini



This waterproof Bluetooth speaker has a 10 hour battery life and a wireless range of 32 feet. It has two micro drivers, a bass radiator and has Aux-in. it does not, however, have USB charging. It is available at Amazon for about $50.50.

Harman Infinity One


Retailing on Amazon at a whopping $300, this Bluetooth speaker has a frequency response of 70HZ to 20kHz and is charged via USB. It has no weatherproofing and weighs 2.8 pounds. Additionally, it has a 10 hour battery life and a stunning design.


Creative Sound Blaster Roar SR20



This speaker is available on Amazon at $130. Its battery life is 8 hours and has both NFC and Aux-in. it is chargeable via USB and has a lovely design. The downside is that there are louder Bluetooth speakers out there.


Bose SoundLink Color



It has a lovely design and nice color. It weighs 1.2 pounds and has an 8-hour battery life. It is available on Amazon for $130 which is a reasonable price for a Bose product.

JBL Xtreme



This 4.6-pound, 15-hour battery life speaker has two 2.48” woofers and charging via USB. It retails for $250 on Amazon but boasts of high performance to make up for the price.